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 We offer remote assistance via Team Viewer. It is a free and very easy to use program which allows remote control access to your computer or laptop. There are even mobile versions available for tablets and phones. Now your first thought might be but what about security? Not to worry. Anyone who wants to connect to the device you have Team Viewer installed on will require your ID and your password (which changes every time Team Viewer is used) There is also a third security measure which will stop anyone from using Team Viewer on your device. Just follow the easy tutorial video below. It shows in detail how to install Team Viewer and also how to set  your password(the third security measure) so no one can use Team Viewer but you. Remember to write down your password in a safe location. If you are having any trouble viewing the video below you can always try this link https://youtu.be/q6yMedhEfKQ


After you have finished installing Team Viewer give us a call @ 204-807-2404 and we will assist you remotely with any issue you might have or contact us via email